Our OSCE training helps nurses to take their Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). All global nurses should have an OSCE to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and work in the UK.

At BGM Consultancy, we provide OSCE training to the qualified nurses at our facilities. The OSCE is considered to measure clinical competence and it is important that assessment tools are used for the correct purposes such as to evaluate the reasoning, critical thinking, judgment, and application of knowledge of the nurses. OSCE is an important examination for nurses and you need to score well. We make sure that your preparation is at par and you are ready to face the examination

We are just one of the leading and trust worthy recruitment agencies who provide a particularly serious training program with a training skills focus. This guarantees our worldwide recruits feel upheld while planning for their exam when they are subsiding into an alternate healthcare climate as well as an alternate country.


The Exam

Our OSCE faculties at our facilities are well-structured with years of clinical experience in NHS Hospitals in the UK. Our training structure includes a full exercise manual itemizing all stations and clinical skills with stamping measures to help candidate learning is given, alongside signposting for additional examination and reading.

We have an extensive training program to meet the adapting needs of every candidate, including visual, viable, and composed, which are additionally given to the nurses as a component of the program.

When is

OSCE required?

Before the nurses are enlisted in this OSCE Training program, they first need to pass an English language test (OET or IELTS) and Part 1 CBT. Moreover, all NMC checks should be finished. That is the point at which we come in. When the NMC checks are finished and the application for Part 2 of the exam is confirmed, your nurses are then all set through our training program to set nurses up for their OSCE examination.

Make certain to consult with us early, so we can work with you to plan the training for a suitable time. Nurse candidates will play out the skills and situations, rounding out the OSCE desk work.

Our OSCE training program is accessible all the time and has each one of the skills and situations needed for the OSCE test preparation. Our training program gives the accommodation of learning with your convenience, as they can stop, rewind and re-learn at any point of time and any place they need with their own comfort.

All students adapt differently and we understand this, a few nurses might require extra help possibly in light of the fact that they have difficulty in understanding, no earlier clinical experience, undeniable level of nervousness, or the need to further develop certainty or remember everything going to the test.

With our virtual program, one of our experts will be giving live classes identified with each segment and students can do self-practice whenever it might suit them until the following class. We have an extensive program to help you ace the exam. Our different mock tests will organize a multi-week base before the real OSCE test.

The advantage of virtual learning and our training program is that you are saving the cost of traveling and convenience costs and staying away from the risk factors in these deadly pandemic times.

Most Trusted

OSCE Training Provider

BGM Consultancy UK Ltd. is one of the most trusted OSCE training course providers in the UK who give training every month. This is to make the OSCE training more adaptable, with the goal that each candidate moving toward us can be trained at a well advantageous time. Since the majority of them will be functioning as pre-registered nurses or will be global candidates arriving in the UK a few days before their OSCE exam, we design our courses in such a way that it is convenient for nurses to learn and excel at the exam.

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