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Top 10 Perks of Becoming a Nurse in the UK

Do you work in the medical field? Are you an outside UK nurse debating whether or not to apply for nursing employment in the United Kingdom? Is this the best option for you in the long run? Need help to choose the best nursing recruitment agency in UK?

Don’t worry, we’ll be here to assist you. It would help if you were very sure that this is the best decision of your life before leaping to a new country. One of the finest choices you can make for your professional and personal future is to become a nurse in the United Kingdom, and we’ll explain why below:

1. Finding UK nursing jobs is easier than you think.

It’s easier than you imagine to find nursing employment in the UK and meet the requirements to work there. There is a growing need for nurses across the country, and official data shows that one out of every eleven nursing positions in the NHS needs to be filled.

So, how do you interpret this? This bodes well for your prospects of landing a suitable nursing position. The location is flexible for prospective nurses. Nurses can choose between working in urban neighbourhoods and rural communities depending on their interests.

2. UK nurses have flexible careers and healthy work-life balances.

In contrast to those in India, nursing positions in the UK provide greater flexibility in schedule and location. The National Health Service (NHS) mandates a maximum workweek of 37.5 hours for all nurses. Depending on your needs as a provider for your family, you have the flexibility to work either full- or part-time.
In addition, you can workday, evening, or night shifts, depending on your needs and preferences, allowing you to strike a good balance between work and personal life.

3. More effort equals more pay.

You may always work overtime if you need more money to support your family. The most incredible thing is that you get paid more for your overtime than you would for regular hours. It’s common practice to pay nurses 30% extra for working on Saturdays and 60% more for working on Sundays and bank holidays.

4. Nursing is one of the most stable professions in the UK.

A three-year contract is offered to those chosen to work in the NHS from abroad as nurses. This guarantees a job and gives you the confidence to settle in the UK. The good news is that most foreign nurses working for the NHS get their contracts renewed after three years.

5. Get Paid to Take Vacations

Regarding providing for its workforce, the United Kingdom is among the finest in the world. Outside the UK, nurses working in the United Kingdom receive 27 paid vacation days per year and an extra eight bank-paid holidays.
After working as a nurse in the UK for five years, you are entitled to an additional eight days of paid vacation. After ten years in the field, nurses in the UK are entitled to 33 paid holidays.

6. Take Advantage of a Top-Rated Pension Plan

The National Health Service (NHS) has the finest pension plan in the country. As an international nurse working for the NHS, you are instantly eligible for retirement benefits. You may relax and enjoy retirement without worrying about money because of the security your pension provides against inflation.

7. Join a Warm and Helpful Group of People

New jobs are terrifying. Moving abroad increases anxiety. The NHS conducts a complete induction program for new hires to assist them in adjusting to life in a new nation.
At BGM Consultancy UK Ltd, we pair each student with a mentor nurse, a former student who has succeeded as a nurse in the UK, to provide first-hand knowledge and advice.

8. Your Interests Determine Your Nursing Specialization.

UK foreign nurses have various options. Work in a standard, multi-speciality, doctor’s office, school, etc. You can also work with elders, children, adults, and more. Do you prefer home care or hospital work? UK nursing offers several options according to your preferences.

9. An Outstanding Place to Work

The healthcare system in the United Kingdom is often regarded as among the best in the world. Applying for nursing positions in the UK can provide you access to advanced technology and training programs. You’ll contribute to groundbreaking medical research and development, significantly expanding your knowledge and expertise.

10. Finally, a Nice Pay Package

Band 5 nurses in the UK are paid an annual starting salary of £27,055. As you acquire experience, your income will rise. The UK’s large Indian diaspora will make you feel at home even when you’re far from home. UK nursing offers an excellent lifestyle and many conveniences and privileges. To relocate to the UK as a nurse, contact BGM Consultancy UK Ltd’s recruitment counsellors.

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